Simulated Enterprises

About Simulated Enterprises

A Simulated Enterprise is a mock company that mirrors the structure, function and operations of a real company, but without real money exchanging hands. This results in a non-threatening learning environment where learners acquire practical skills. Our main simulated enterprise is an ice cream retailer, called Iceberg Sim. Additional to this there is also a soft drink retailer, Quench Emporium, which is used as a support company to trade with.

The student-employees learn the following:

Inter-dependence of departments, importance of liaising with colleagues and safety & security measures and control mechanisms that exist in companies when dealing with money or figures.

Deal with incoming and outgoing mail and petty cash according to the correct procedures.

Communication and inter-personal skills when dealing with visitors.

Understanding the importance of accuracy and cross-referencing documents, for example when receiving stock.

Telephone etiquette, message taking as well as operating a mini-switchboard and dealing with customer queries and complaints on the phone.

Use of office equipment such as sending faxes and making photocopies. They also have the opportunity to solve predictable problems with regards to faxing and copying machines.

Learning different software applications, the point of sale function, the protocol of dealing with customers, and cash handling procedures when making over the counter sales in the shop.

Valuable life skills; making bank deposits and paying accounts for stock suppliers, purchasing from other SE’s, telephone and service accounts.

Stock control and movement, liaise, correlate information and communicate. Calculation skills are enhanced, completing documentation of daily stock take.

Activities are generated through memos from facilitators, trading with other simulated enterprises and interacting within departments.

Process of job applications and recruitment, calculate and understand deductions, benefits, gross and net salaries.

A variety of filing systems are managed by learners as they rotate through the different positions.

In the marketing department employees have to master a variety of advertising and marketing communication methods and strategies. They also calculate profits, discounts etc. for promotions and sales.

This combination of knowledge and applied competence or skill is an effective way of preparing the student to gain work-based experience, as they complete their College education with a year’s working experience.

History of Simulated Enterprises



We have been in continuous operation since 1999.



In 2001 we established an entirely new SE, the retailer, Quench Emporium in order to accommodate the Wholesale and Retail Learnership. With this change, we became the only SE to do unit standard based assessment in SA.

We also were the only SE in the country to accommodate a learnership and to enjoy official recognition from a SETA for this methodology.


Since 2007 we present the National Certificate (Vocational) in Office Administration in a second tailor-made SE called Iceburg. Currently Iceburg serves as the main training facility, with Quench Emporium supporting as additional company to trade and correspond with.

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