Northlink College Student Accommodation / Residence

Bursary Students

Northlink College has limited bursary accommodation in place for students who qualify for NSFAS and COLLEGE BURSARIES in 2017. This accommodation is a combination of on-campus residences and accommodation supplied by Northville Student Accommodation. (“Northville”)


* Tygerberg Campus: Only Returning Tygerberg Campus students

* Belhar Campus: New and Returning Belhar Campus students


* Northville All students may apply.

Conditions of bursary accommodation applicable are as follows;

1) Only students who study and live more than 40 km away from a campus are allowed to apply for an accommodation bursary.

2) Parents or legal guardians must accompany the students for a compulsory interview with the Student Resident Administrator, or comply to the Northville S.A. house rules.

3) Every student must pay a R1000 registration deposit. NSFAS and COLLEGE Bursary students are covered by the College who upon acceptance by Northville (after signing the Northville Student Accommodation Agreement), will conclude the deposit with Northville. This deposit is a non-refundable deposit.

4) Every student is also required to make a R500 key, led light and breakage deposit, which is refundable at the end of the academic program and after inspection of the room.

5) Completion of the Northville House Rules acknowledgement.

Residences are self-catering facilities and students must have their own crockery and cutlery. The following is provided in the kitchens: stoves, fridges, microwave ovens and a hydro-boil.

Private Students

Accommodation is also available for students who do not qualify for a residence bursary. These students are to contact Northville Student Accommodation in their private capacity. Details below.

Northville Student Accommodation contact details:

Telephone: 082 480 1204

Returning Private Students that will be taking up residence at the Tygerberg or Belhar Campus will be subject to the same rules and regulations as Bursary Students and will be required to pay the full R1000 registration deposit in addition to the R500 refundable deposit.

Please contact the Tygerberg or Belhar Campus Administration if you qualify for administration and fee details.