Northlink Students – Ready to take on China

Northlink CEO and College Council Chair with the Northlink College students going to China

Nine Northlink College students will be jetting off to China as part of a scholarship programme that will equip the students with the necessary skills and experience to better their chance of being employed in the future.

A South African Agency and a Chinese Agency have afforded these students this opportunity to leave for China mid-March and to be part of a group of 200 South African students. They will be doing six months of university and theoretical training at Beijing Union University while the other six months will see them gain practical experience in the related Mechanical Engineering field.

Says Trish van der Merwe: Northlink College Deputy Principal: Innovation and Development: “The College is excited to be able to have such great international partnerships that will not only benefit the College but the students themselves. With this support, these nine students will be able to grow their skills-set and become more employable within the trades and industries they are part of.”

The nine students are:
Vvuyokazi Thukani – Wingfield Campus
Xinzelele Yolokazi- Bellville Campus
Nondumiso Mtshali – Wingfield Campus
Zizipho Nkonki – Bellville Campus
Shanise Jacobs – Wingfield Campus
Shane Appollis – Wingfield Campus
Keanu Van Rooi – Wingfield Campus
Damon van der Spuy – Wingfield Campus
Kevin Hamman – Wingfield Campus

Says Damon van der Spuy, Northlink College Wingfield Campus CNC student: “I grew up with a mother and father that did a lot for me. With my parents being taxi drivers they did ensure that we always had enough. With this opportunity I would like to show my appreciation for what my parents did for me and their support during my studies to become better employable and therefore give back to my parents.”

Each of the nine students have their own reasons as to why they are looking forward to this opportunity even if it means leaving family and fiancés for a year.

“The College is also proud to see that so many female students are tackling the Mechanical Engineering field that has been historically seen as a male dominated field of study,” adds Trish van der Merwe.

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