Northlink College wins more awards

Northlink College CEO and Principal, Leon Beech, standing with the Silver Arrow Award

Professional Marketing Research (PMR).africa recently awarded Northlink College with a Silver Arrow Award at a Leaders and Achievers Awards Breakfast recently held in Century City in Cape Town.

This award was afforded to Northlink on the basis of an annual independent survey conducted in the City of Cape Town and Cape Peninsula. The results of these surveys were based on the perceptions of the respondents.

The purpose of the survey was:

1. to profile The City of Cape Town as a growth point and potential investment area for foreign and local developers and investors,

2. to measure companies, institutions, government entities and individuals on their contribution to the economic growth and development of the region, levels of management expertise, implementation of corporate governance and levels of innovation,

3. to measure companies, institutions and government entities’ competencies, and

4. to measure brand awareness.

“The survey results are proof of the constant goal driven mentality of the Northlink Marketing Team that constantly tries to be top of mind not only in the minds of our prospective students but in the business sectors of the province. Their contribution and dedication benchmarks the College as an institution of choice,” says René Bonzet, Northlink College Head of Marketing and Communication.
This is the second award that Northlink College has won in the past two years. “The award emulates and supports our vision to be the leading provider of Education and Training Excellence,” adds Mr Leon Beech, Northlink College CEO and Principal.

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