Northlink College starts building Centre of Specialisation

In 2017 Northlink College broke new ground with the construction of the Centre of Specialisation in Fitting and Turning at the Wingfield Campus. The Centre will be home to new workshops and new classrooms that will be furnished with educational technology to support the growing student population at the campus.
An investment of 12 million has been made by the College into this construction and an additional 3 million has been earmarked for additional resources in the Centre. This investment will not only give the local community the opportunity to obtain scarce skills that will supplement the every growing economy of Cape Town, the Western Cape and ultimately South Africa.

“The Wingfield Campus offers the best opportunity to expand the engineering provision in the Western Cape. This expansion gives us the opportunity to build on longstanding relationships with industry and other government institution such as the South African Navy and become the sole provider for education and training for them,” says Leon Beech, Principal.
Leon adds that with the new centre, the College will be upgrading the current facilities to more modern and sophisticated facilities that the College has been given by the SA Navy to use the past years.
The building is aimed to be completed in June 2018 and will therefore have an effect on the Trimester 3 intake. This will allow the College to increase their student population by 450 to 1750 on the campus that started with a student population of 450 that has now grown to 1300 in 2017.
“We do believe that the building of this Centre for Specialisation is an investment in the future of the youth in our province and will help with the skills shortage in our province and the country,” adds Leon Beech. He also mentions that the Wingfield Campus has the greatest potential for growth and expansion and hopes it will become the ideal engineering College for the sector in the Western Cape.
Neil Maggott, Deputy Principal: Corporate Services added that the College is looking at expanding the Wingield Campus as more funding is received.