Mr Hans Albers, a lecturer at our Tygerberg Campus was instrumental in getting the protective masks printed.  His wife is the Head of Social Development at the Stellenbosch Municipality.  With her staff, she is responsible for the homeless, setting up camps for the homeless and also organising feeding schemes.  Her staff is at the forefront of taking care of the most vulnerable who can contract the Covid 19 Virus and therefore put themselves at a huge risk by interacting with the homeless without the necessary PPE. Mr Albers started doing some research on his own and found out about a group of people who were engaged in printing of protective masks.  He then, through his campus networks, found out that Northlink College owns 3D Printers.  It was this information that he approached Mr Beech via Heloise Lotz (Academic Head) and that is how we started the process of printing the protective masks. The printing was conducted by 2 lecturers, viz. Mr Clint Prinsloo and Mr Ronald Murray, both are lecturers at the Wingfield Campus.  They also roped in the assistance of a former Northlink College student who had completed his studies in Toolmaking at the Wingfield Campus and is now a qualified Artisan in Toolmaking. Subsequent to the printing of the protective masks a group of managers met at the Central Office of the college on Thursday 02 April 2020 to package the masks and to prepare for handover to the Stellenbosch Municipality and the Disaster Management Centre at the Tygerberg Hospital.  The Disaster Management Centre had established a facility at the hospital for Covid 19 Testing.  Ten of the masks were handed over to the Stellenbosch Municipality and 65 were handed over to Dr Meintjies at the Disaster Management Centre.          

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