A few weeks ago, the use of ‘fabric’ face masks as an additional preventative measure against COVID-19 had been recommended for public use by the National Department of Health (NDoH). Northlink College heeded to the call and a group of lecturers in the Clothing Production Department at our Protea Campus embarked on a project to manufacture fabric face masks to prepare for the return of lecturers and students post lockdown.  Whilst we will not be able to supply masks for all, this project is aimed at supporting the process that has already been put in place by our Corporate Services Department to supply masks for students and staff. Ms Adri Bell, the Programme Manager, and a team of lecturers started the manufacturing process on Thursday 16 April 2020.  The team is split in a small group assembling at the Protea Campus and other lecturers working from their homes. Northlink is excited about this venture and we are also proud of our staff who decided to take on this project. Below are a few images of the manufacturing process:  

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