New unit brings new era in operations at Northlink College

The newly formed Education and Training unit of Northlink College

In 2012, Northlink College saw the opportunity to not only expand on their educational offering with the introduction of the Moodle software that was incorporated into the new Northlink College Learner Management System (LMS) but to take the whole Education and Training Division to a new level. This forward thinking of the College gave birth to the newly established Education and Training Unit at Northlink College.

The Unit is responsible for the research and development of new forms and modes of delivery and ensuring that the quality of education and training is maintained throughout the various courses in the College.

Says Pierre de Waal, Co-ordinator: Education and Training Unit: “This unit not only adheres to the mandate of the DHET to see that the education and training that we offer is of the highest quality, but also to see that all the offerings – Report 191, NC(V), Learnerships and Skills –  meet the educational needs of the community and the province as well as the whole country.”

The Unit comprises of 14 members each with his/her own portfolio that includes: Job placement, ICT Learning Development, NC(V) Programme Management, Learnership and Skills Programme Management, Project Management, Departmental Statistic Research and administrative support.

Northlink College looks forward to the expansion and development of the Education and Training Unit in the future.

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