National Skills Fund a welcome boost at Northlink College

Some of the new portable classrooms at the Wingfield Campus of Northlink College.

During the month of September 2012, Northlink College was awarded an amount of R17 million to improve various physical resources and other facilities of the College.

The College is in the process of utilizing the funds to expand and better the physical resources such as ablution facilities and classrooms and they are also in the process of implementing the ICT programme, mentioned in the previous edition of the FET College Times, and all the technological components that is incorporated with the lecterns as well as upgrading the computer facilities at the seven campuses.

Western Cape Department of Education (WCED) contributed R8.5 million towards this infra-structure improvement projects. To date 80% of all projects have been completed. The most significant being the additional 22 mobile classrooms providing increased seating capacity in the college of 660 with an additional 37 ablution facilities for students.
Says Neil Maggott, Northlink College DCEO: Corporate Services: “We believe that with this upgrading of our resources as well as the implementation of new resources that we are going to install, we will not only improve the learning experience of the students but will just substantiate our values to ensure that innovation, creativity and responsiveness remain our driving forces.”

The Parow Campus has been identified as the campus with the most need and the College is in the process of looking to upgrade the computer rooms as well as erecting portable classrooms on the campus.

“We look forward to welcome our new students and give them, the class of 2013, the opportunity to walk into a new and upgraded College,” says Mr. Maggott.

These upgrades and other additions to the campuses will help to carry and absorb the pressure that the campuses are experiencing by adding an additional 720 seats altogether

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