Meet the Northlink CEO Award Winner for 2017

Ilze Dickson, Northlink TVET College Haircare student, won the coveted CEO’s Award at this year’s Northlink TVET College Graduation Ceremony that was held at Cape Events Centre (Every Nation Church Goodwood Campus) in June.

Ilze completed her studies at the Parow Campus with astonishing academic results that were 94 % for her level 2 studies, 93 % for her level 3 studies, 95 % for her level 4 studies.
When Ilze was younger, she absolutely loved it to style her family’s hair and that set the tone for the start of her dream – becoming a hairdresser. She received an opportunity to work in the hairdressing industry as a washer at a salon in Parow. There she also assisted the stylists and in doing so learned as she went along. “I saw and learned so much and even stole a bit with my eyes while the stylists were busy with their clients,” says Ilze.

When the opportunity to study at Northlink came around, she took it and made the best of the opportunity. During her Level 2 studies she went to the ACVV (Non-profit oragnisation) to take care of toddlers that are less fortunate. As she herself is a mother of two children she reveled at the opportunity to work with these toddlers and to spent some time with them while she was reading stories to them.
“I love to be part of community projects and will continue to be a part of any projects where I can make a contribution to help the community that is in need,” she adds.

Another passion for her is working with the elderly and she, in Level 3, went to Huis Marthina in Parow Valley to take care of the less fortunate elderly people by doing their hair. She also has been privileged to work with the Haven Night Shelter and gave some of the shelter residence a haircut to help them “gain a bit of dignity” as she describes it.

On the graduation, the more than nearly 2000 strong crowd with parents and graduates waited in anticipation to hear who would be the winner of the award. Ilze knew that she worked hard to get where she is today but never thought that she would be the CEO Award Winner. “I could not believe it. It was (and still is) a big surprise for me,” she mentioned when asked how she felt when they announced that she was the winner at the first session of the Graduation Ceremony. The crowd erupted and everyone stood up to give her a standing ovation as she went to collect her CEO Award from Leon Beech: Northlink TVET College CEO and Principal and Alana James: Northlink TVET College Council Chair.

The future does look very bright for Ilze. She says that she is looking at one day opening her own salon as well as go back to college to find out how she can become a lecturer in the hairdressing and share what she has experienced and has been taught.

Her final words to anyone that she would like to do some big things in their lives: “It is never too late to do anything whatever your heart desires you can do it.”