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Lewis Gordon

Lewis Gordon

When contemporary café meets boulangerie and deli, what do you get? The Bread Café.

You will find this café at the historic Bromwell Boutique Mall right in the heart of Woodstock.

The interior has a comfortable set-up that consists of vibrant colours which may ultimately trick you into thinking you are at home. The cafe is run by a small team that is dedicated to giving the best service.

The head chef, Lewis Gordon, is a visionary who is passionate about food and offering only the best to customers.

Gordon grew up with an interest in food. Whenever his mother cooked he would ask how she made the food.

From there, his passion for food grew to a point where he picked up recipe books and spent time reading them instead of playing outside with the kids his own age.

By the time he was done with high school, he knew that his future was in the food industry although his father preferred that he become a lawyer. In 2006, he enrolled at Northlink College where he obtained his diploma.

During his studies he had the perfect opportunity to meet and work for the prominent chef Richard Carstens, who at the time, worked as a consultant chef at the Ginga and Myoga restaurants.

When Carstens moved on to restaurant NOVA as an executive chef, Gordon followed him.

In 2009, he followed Carstens once again to Reuben’s in Franschoek.

“You’d say chef Carstens is my industry father. He taught me the foundation of the industry and also gave me a chance to grow — allowing me to come up with my own creations.”

Eventually he broke away from chef Carstens and landed a job at Bread Café.

Not long after the café received a face lift in 2010, Gordon became head chef. This is where his creativity escalated to give birth to the always evolving menu that you find at the café. He also introduced the food & wine pairing concept to the menu.

The menu consists of breakfast, starters, main meals, desserts, organic tea & coffee, signature cocktails and a wine list. Hungry visitors also have a list of gourmet sandwiches to choose from.

Luckily for me, my taste buds were treated to an amazing three-course meal.

I was treated to a spring risotto starter, followed by line fish as a main course, all while sipping on my favourite Chenin Blanc. The meals were topped with a slice of cake for dessert. Everything was fresh and delectable and I thoroughly enjoyed each meal.

Not only do you get to experience good food, but upstairs you will find that the boutique houses clothing items from top local and international fashion designers.

In addition to that, there’s a variety of jewelry pieces, art pieces, furniture and décor designs to choose from.

The boutique also hosts events such as high teas, parties and fashion sales.

Bread Cafe caters to you whether you want to sit, relax and have a good time or when you are on the go.

Article supplied by: iafrica.com

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