Innovative laptop e-book project

IT Students with their E-books

IT Students with their E-books

Northlink TVET College continues to show innovation by incorporating laptops into their academic programmes. Two such programmes, ICT and Tourism have seen the need for this technology incorporation in their field of study.  The second year Tourism and ICT students have each received a laptop that will be able to blend traditional teaching with 21st Century technology in a responsible and innovative way. 

Says Ina Louw, HoD Blended Learning at Northlink TVET College: “This initiative will contribute to the fact that the laptop is not just a technological tool but rather a cognitive tool that is integrated into teaching and learning at a TVET College.  The “paradigm shift” resulting from laptop implementation will foster more higher-order reasoning and critical analysis skills among students and greater lecturer-student collaboration around instructional tasks.”

E-Books have been introduced to the Tourism group that will be more cost effective and environmentally friendly than traditional text books that have been used till recently.

“The learning experience and the quality of teaching will not be compromised. In fact, the best of traditional teaching with cutting edge technology and innovation will be combined, resulting in a better and more current learning environment what will have a great and positive effect on these students,” adds Ina

In addition, the students will be able to use these laptops to access the college’s intranet, internet and Learner Management System (LMS) via WIFI hotspots situated on the campuses.  Each student has received a Northlink (life long) gmail account to enhance communication between the lecturer and the students. Students will also be able to gain access to their time-tables and email via a smart phone.

Research to stay abreast of trends in the fast growing Tourism and ICT market will play an integral part of the training of the students along with the mobility of laptops will give them instant access to research resources and other information that they need to reach their fullest potential.

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