Personal Counselling

One on one counselling services to students by providing psycho-social assessments and interventions and facilitating primary psycho-educational programmes to enhance the well-being of students to enable them to confront the learning challenges within the TVET educational framework. This service is available to all registered students from a Monday 7.30am-4pm to a Friday 7.30am-1.30pm

Group counselling

As the need arises, for various issues-an effective way of providing interventions with students.

Peer Mentoring programme

Peer Mentoring is about one person helping another to achieve something that is important to them. It is a senior mentor giving help and support in a non –threatening way that will empower the mentee to achieve their goals.

How to access these services?

Contact Health and Wellness Counselor on your campus or enquire at campus reception.

Peer Mentoring


Academic achievement, Retention and success in studies, personal growth, mutual respect.

Campuses that have the Peer Mentoring Programme






Wellness Campaigns

Wellness Months

The wellness days are aimed at increasing awareness of students Health and Wellness. Promoting a wellness culture amongst staff and students. Wellness is the recognition that all individuals have a responsibility to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Anti-Substance Abuse Awareness Campaigns

The purpose of the campaign is to motivate and encourage students to remain drug free and resume their responsibility to make informed decisions when it comes to a drug free life.