First Primary Health Group for Northlink College Parow Campus

Northlink College’s first Primary Health group of students with Mrs A Fredericks (Lecturer), Ms SP Larke (Programme Manager) Mr H. de Villiers (HOD) and Mrs L Vermeulen (Lecturer)

Northlink College, Parow Campus started a new course called Primary Health. It is the first time that the institution has offered a course of a health nature. It forms part oft he National Certificate (Vocational)/NC(V) general studies field and it will run for three years (Level 2-4). The core purpose of this course is to create better health and health awareness for all. It encompasses the basic level of health care.
The first two groups have received orientation from the College Student Support Services, MOT (a Norwegian based organisation) facilitators and speakers from the Health Training Institutions.
There are many possibilities for these students upon completion of the course. They will be eligible to study further in nursing; become a primary health care worker; a primary health care worker at special care organisations and work in health centres’ or any other health support careers given they meet the requirements of that institution they wish to apply to.
“In a nutshell our course entails basically everything that has to do with Primary Health awareness, how and what role we will be playing in our communities as well as how we can improve our own lives. It is about preventing illnesses and promoting health awareness,” said Harley Langisa, first year Primary Health Level 2 student at Northlink College.
Northlink had an overwhelming number of prospective students’ who showed interest and that applied for the course. At present, the College has 60 enrolled students and as a result two classes were formed to run simultaneously.
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