Employers’ Day 2014 – Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s workplace

Students’ uploading their CVs on the merSETA bus.

A first in the FET Sector, Employers’ Day at Northlink, was held on all seven campuses from 12-15 May. The purpose was to give exit level students the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the world of work, how they can become more employable and what they can expect to discover once they have completed their studies at the College.

During this week 2043 exit level students were exposed to 131 exhibitors form various companies that represented prospective employers in industry. These industries included: packaging, insurance, hospitality and tourism, security, engineering and textiles to name but a few. The companies, in turn, got the opportunity to build up a database of possible employable students and it gave the College the opportunity to build better relationships with the companies and stakeholders that could help with student placement in future.

Says Trish van der Merwe, Northlink College Deputy Principal: Innovation and Development: “This is another platform with which the College and industry can collaborate to assist the College with taking these exit level students from just students to successes in their work environment.”

During this week the merSETA bus visited the campuses and it gave students the opportunity to upload their CV’s in the bus. This database will allow merSETA to notify students of any possible future vacancies, internships or learnerships that the they could apply for.

“We would like to thank all our exhibitors, industry representatives and the merSETA that supported this initiative with us and we know that this had an impact in the lives of the students,” added Trish

We look forward to another successful Employers’ Day week in 2015.

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