Career Opportunities

This qualification follows on from the Level 3 qualification in enabling learners to qualify as professional hairdressers. This qualification focuses on advanced hairdressing techniques such as perming, advanced colouring, braiding and dreadlocks as well as on a series of management functions designed to assist qualified hairdressers to set up and manage their own businesses. This is a sector in which a very large number of skilled professionals set up their own businesses at some point during their career, and a significant number do so immediately after completing their qualification.

Admission Requirements

Hairdressing Level 3

LEVEL 4 Curriculum

  • Learning Unit 1: Perform hairdressing services (Range services are performed on either Afro or Caucasian hair)
  • Learning Unit 2: Run a hairdressing salon
  • Learning Unit 3: Set up a new hairdressing business
  • Learning Unit 4: Communication and Mathematical Literacy
  • Learning Unit 5: Electives – Perform a Hair Extension Service
  • Apply knowledge of HIV/AIDS to a specific business sector and a workplace
  • Use a web browser in a business environment
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