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Career Opportunities

This qualification follows on from the Level 2 qualification in enabling learners to develop towards becoming professional hairdressers. This qualification focuses on core hairdressing activities of cutting, relaxing, styling and colouring. In particular, the qualification should result in the learner achieving the status of a Junior Stylist, capable of performing many hairdressing services competently, though still under the supervision of a professional stylist.

Admission Requirements

Hairdressing Level 2

LEVEL 3 Curriculum

  • Learning Unit 1: Perform cutting services for ladies and gents
  • Learning Unit 2: Perform long hair styling and colouring service
  • Learning Unit 3: Perform chemical services to Afro Hair
  • Learning Unit 4: Communication and Mathematical Literacy
  • Learning Unit 5: Apply make-up to reflect historical periods;make-up; hot towel and Shaving Services
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