The courses presented at Northlink College are career-orientated to bridge the gap between the workshop and the world of work with the least disruption at the end of the training period. Students who attend the simulated training are expected to wear the required safety attire (Helmet, Safety Shoes and an overall) at all times. The Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) is the first stage in your career path that will allow the student to attain artisan status by successfully completing a trade test, after the prescribed work-based (on-site) experience accredited by the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA). Note that only the CETA has the authority to approve your work-based experience.


Accredited Trade Test Centre for Plumbing (CETA)

Career Opportunities

Apprenticeships in Trades
Learnership in Trades
Self Employment

Admission Requirements

Grade 9 or equivalent qualification


Orientation 1 Day; Safety and loss control 1 Day; Interpret basic building drawings 1 Day; Erect and dismantle scaffolding Optional


PL.B01 Mark out and cut sheet-metal 1 Day; PL.B02 Mark out, rivet and solder sheet-metal 1 Day; PL. C01 Fit GMS gutters and rainwater pipes 2 Days; PL.C02 Fit PVC gutters and rainwater pipes 1 Day; PL.C04 Fabricate and fit GMS vent pipe flashing 2 Days; PL.C07 Fabricate and fit GMS chimney flashing 3 Days; PL.C08 Fabricate GMS box gutter with stop end, circular outlet and abutment flashing 2 Days


PL.D03 Cut, thread and assemble GMS pipe-work 2 Days; PL.D04 Cut, bend and assemble copper pipe-work 1 Day; PL.D05 Repair and alterations to existing GMS pipe-work 1 Day; PL.D06 Repair and alterations to existing copper pipe-work 1 Day; PL.E01 Install a combination geyser 2 Days; PL.E02 Install a push through geyser 2 Days; PL.E03 Install a high pressure geyser 3 Days


reticulation 2 Days; PL.E06 Install firefighting installation 2 Days; PL.E07 Repair to and maintenance of taps, valves and cocks 1 Day; PL.E08 Repairs to HP mains 1 Day; PL.F01 Recognition and installation of soil and waste systems 3 Days; PL.F02 Install a sink 1 Day; PL.F03 Install a wash basin 2 Days; PL.G07 Removal of blockage from and repair to waste, soil and drain pipes 1 Day; PL.G01 Recognition of below ground drainage systems 1 Day; PL.G04 Install below ground drainage systems 2 Days


PL.F04 Install a bath 1 Day; PL.F05 Install a bidet 1 Day; PL.F06 Install a shower 1 Day; PL.F07 Install a wc [pedestal 1 Day; PL.F08 Install a wc [wall hung] 2 Days; PL.F09 Install a urinal [wall hung] 1 Day; PL.F10 Install a urinal [stall] (not available right now) 2 Days; PL.G02 Set out and determine levels 1 Day; PL.G03 Excavation and timbering of trenches 1 Day; PL.G05 Build a manhole to benching height [square] 2 Days; PL.G06 Build a manhole to benching height [round]

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