The courses presented at Northlink College are career-orientated to bridge the gap between the workshop and the world of work with the least disruption at the end of the training period. Students who attend the simulated training are expected to wear the required safety attire (Helmet, Safety Shoes and an overall) at all times. The Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) is the first stage in your career path that will allow the student to attain artisan status by successfully completing a trade test, after the prescribed work-based (on-site) experience accredited by the MERSETA, MAPPSETA, CHIETA, ESETA, AgriSETA. Note that the mentioned SETAs has the authority to approve your work-based experience.


Accretided Trade Test Centre for Electrician (MERSETA)

Career Opportunities

  • Apprenticeships in Trades
  • Learnership in Trades
  • Self Employment

Admission Requirements

Grade 9 or equivalent qualification



BSFI I Safety Act; BSF2 I Basic Safety; BSF3 I Colour Marking and S-Signs; BHTI I Identify Tools and Tooling Aids; BHT2 I Use Tools and Tooling Aids; BHT3 I Maintain Tools and Tooling Aids; BHT4 I Use Hand Tools Applicable to Trade; BWTI I Use fixed and portable drilling machines; BWT2 I Use fixed and portable grinding machines; BWT3 I Use portable Jigsaw; BMOI I Fabricate saddles; BM02 I Fabricate busbar; BM03 I Fabricate Multi-spanner; BHS I I Sharpen Chisels; BHS2 I Dress Screwdrivers; BHS3 I Sharpen punches; BSS I I Solder Various projects; BEMI I Electrical Symbols; BEM2 I How potential energy is stored; BEM3 I Colour Resistance; PANI I Multimeters PAN2 I Relay; PAN3 I Connect 2 lights/2 switches; PAN4 1 Two way; PAN5 1 Intermediate switch
PAN6 1 Photo cell; PAN7 1 Row Control; PAN8 1 Resistance Boxes; PAN9 1 Three Heat Stove Switch; PANIO 1 Five Heat Stove Switch; PAN 1 1 Simmerstat; PANI2 1 Piano Switch; PAN 13 1 Contactors; PANI4 1 Stop/Start Emergency; PAN1344 1 Forward/reverse single phase motor; PAN14 1 Pilot Lamps; PAN15 1 Single phase; PANI6 1 Earth Leakage-Circuit Breakers; PANI7 1 Different Lights PANI8 1 Timers



BIN1 Installation (metal & pvc); BIN2 Installation (ducting & conduit); BCA1 Make-off & join armoured cable; BCA2 Identify ratings of cables (theory); BCA3 Recall methods of storing cables (theory); BCA4 Terminate PVC cables (by means of glands); BCA5 Identify .x•lp cables (theory); BC01 Current carrying capacity of conductors (theory); BC02 Join conductors (cable joints); BC03 Insulate conductors (cable joints); BMJ1 Select and connect meters (various types); BET1 Electrical testing (installation and motors); BD1 AC & DC on an oscilloscope (theory); BD2 Induction & self induction (theory); BD3 Three phase and single phase supplies (theory); BD4 Calculate transformer dimensions (theory); BD5 Capacitance in AC & DC circuits (theory); BD6 Power in AC circuits (theory); BD7 Motors, single, three phase, phasing & starting; BD8 Construct AC switching circuits (1 way, 2 way); BD9 Switching circuits via contactor (energy metres); BFA1 Fault finding BW1 Wiring from drawings; BAC1 Connect AC machines (1 phase & 2 phase); BAC2 Test AC machines; BAC3 Fault find AC machines; BDC1 Connect DC machines (series, shunt, compound); BDC2 Test DC machines; BDC3 Fault find DC machines; BEL 1 Three phase forward & reverse starter; BEL2 Single phase forward & reverse starter; BEL3 Star delta starter; BEL4 Direct online starter; BEL5 Sequence Starter; BEL6 Autotransformer Relay Panel; BEL7 Resistance Starter



AC16 Transformer basics & transformer types; AC9 Single phase forward/reverse with selector switch (with overload tip); AC16 Transformer connections & calculations; EL4 Electronic start for single phase motor; AC10 Auto transformer starter; AC10 2-Speed motor starter (with contactors); AC16 Potential & current TRF. (PT & CT Panel); AC10 2-Speed motor starter with selector switch; L2 Using a bread board DC1 DC motor testing and connections; EL1 Resistors, capacitators, snubber network; EE1 Maintain, repair & test electrical equipment; EL1 Diodes, bridge RECT., zener diodes, LEDs, etc. WI1 kWh Metersel1 bi-polar transistors; A04 Tack & arc weld work pieces; EL1 MOSFETs & IGBTs
EL1 Unijunction transistor; EL1 Thyristors: SCR, TRIAC, DIAC etc; EL1 OPTO-Couplers; EL1 Solid state relay application ANPROC analogue processing-siemens; EL2 OP-AMP AS COMPARATOR EL5 PROGRAM & USE PLC; DC1 Testing and connection of DC motor element – External and local expandable modules-x100 moeller; AC11 Resistance starter (Automatic) GEOAD – Geographical Addressing-siemens/moeller; AC17 Slipring motor test GIS – General Introduction to systems-s7-200/s7-1200 siemens DC1 DC Drive principles (Power circuit) hardcon – Hardware configuration-s7-200/easysoft advance task; AC11 AC Drive principles (power circuit) introduction; FB – Introduction to function blocks-siemens/moeller advance; EL2 Vero-board project(s) IPLC – advance PLC task1-10; SS2 Printed circuit board production & project practical; FF – Advance practicle fault finder; ET1 Using the osciliscope; EEL3 Test@ – Oscilloscope measurements 1

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