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The courses presented at Northlink College are career-orientated to bridge the gap between the workshop and the world of work with the least disruption at the end of the training period. Students who attend the simulated training are expected to wear the required safety attire (Helmet, Safety Shoes and an overall) at all times. The Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) is the first stage in your career path that will allow the student to attain artisan status by successfully completing a trade test, after the prescribed work-based (on-site) experience accredited by the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA). Note that only the CETA has the authority to approve your work-based experience.


Accredited Trade Test Centre for Carpentry (CETA)

Career Opportunities

  • Apprenticeships in Trades
  • Learnership in Trades
  • Self Employment

Admission Requirements

Grade 9 or equivalent qualification


Curriculum ( 6 days)

CBO Orientation 1 Day; IN-AO1 Introduction to the building industry Optional; IN-AO2 Safety and Loss Control 1 Day; IN-AO3 Elementary First Aid Optional; BM-AO1 Interpret Basic Building Drawings 1 Day; CT-AO1 Set out and Construct Basic Joints 2 Days; BM-AO5 Erect and Dismantle Scaffolding Optional 1 Day


Curriculum ( 14 days)

BM-AO2 Determine and transfer Levels 1 Day; BM-AO4 Setting out a Building 3 Days; CT-BO3 Erect Purpose made Circular Formwork 1 Day; CAR-B2a Erect Rectangular Steel Formwork for Column 1 Day; CT-BO7 Prepare and erect Timber Formwork for Column 2 Days; CT-EO6 Prepare and Install Open Shelving 2 Days; CT-EO4 Fit and hang Single Door 2 Days; CT-CO5 Clad a Roof with Concrete Tiles 2 Days


Curriculum ( 14 days)

CT-BO4 Erect Steel Formwork for Walls 2 Days; CT-BO8 Prepare and Erect Timber Formwork for a L-shape Wall 4 Days; CT-CO2 Set out and construct a Howe Truss 2 Day; CT-CO6 Clad a roof structure with Galvanised sheeting 1 Days; CT-CO7 Clad a roof structure with fibre cement sheeting 1 Days; CT-DO1 Prepare and erect Brandered Ceiling 2 Days; CT-EO2 Cut and fit Skirting and Architraves 2 Days


Curriculum ( 26 days)

CT-BO5 Erect Timber and Steel formwork for Beam and Slab 4 Days; CT-B06 Erect steel formwork for lift shaft 4 Days; CT-B10 Prepare and Construct formwork for Return Stairs 5 Days; CT-CO4 Erect an L-shaped Roof 7 Days; CT-DO2 Prepare and erect timber t&g ceiling; CT-DO3 Prepare and erect Timber Framed Partition 4 Days; CT-EO3 Prepare and fit Wall Paneling 2 Days

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