The courses presented at Northlink College are career-orientated to bridge the gap between the workshop and the world of work with the least disruption at the end of the training period. Students who attend the simulated training are expected to wear the required safety attire (Helmet, Safety Shoes and an overall) at all times. The Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) is the first stage in your career path that will allow the student to attain artisan status by successfully completing a trade test, after the prescribed work-based (on-site) experience accredited by the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA). Note that only the CETA has the authority to approve your work-based experience.


Accredited Trade Test Centre for Bricklaying (CETA)

Career Opportunities

  • Appreticeship in Trades
  • Learnership in Trades
  • Self Employment

Admission Requirements

Grade 9 or equivalent qualification

LEVEL 1 (8 days)


CBO Orientation 1 Day; IN A02 Safety and Loss Control 1 Day; IN A03 Elementary First Aid Optional; BM A01 Interpret Basic Building Drawings 1 Day; BM A02 Determine and Transfer Levels 1 Day; BM A04 Setting out a Building 3 Days; BM A 05 Erect and Dismantle Scaffolding Optional 1 Days

LEVEL 2 (24 days)


BM A03 Mixes and Mixing if Mortar 1 Day; BM B1a Lay half plaster brick wall in Stretcher bond between columns 1 Day; BM B1b Lay one plaster brick wallin stretcher bond between wall in stretcher bond between columns 1 Day; BM B1c Lay one face brick wall in English bond between columns 2 Days; BM B1d Lay one face brick wall in English garden bond between columns 2 Days; BM B02 Build a right angle return half brick wall between columns 1 Day; BM B3a Build a half brick corner in stretcher bond 1 Day; BM B3b Build a one brick corner in stretcher bond 1 Day; BM B3c Build a one brick double return corner in stretcher bond 2 Days; BM B4a Build a one brick corner in English bond 1 Day; BM B4b Build a one and a half brick corner in English bond 1 Day; BM B05 Build foundation brickwork 2 Days; BM B06 Build right angle one brick wall with half brick T- junction and stop end 2 Days; BM B07 Build brickwork around a bath 1 Day; BM C01 Build a one brick wall with steel door frame , steel window frame and brick sill 5 Days

LEVEL 3 (38 days)


BM C02 Build a cavity wall with Wooden door frame and Steel window frame 5 Days; BM D01 Build a flat Arch 2; BM D 02 Build a semicircular arch 3 Days; BM D03 Build a segmental arch 3 Days; BM E01 Build a manhole with corbelling 4 Days; BM E02 Build decorative brickwork – brick on edge [roller and soldier course] 4 Days; BM E03 Build brick steps 3 Days; BM E04 Build a one brick wall with an end attached pier 3 Days; BM E05 Build isolated brick piers 2 Days; BM F01 Build a concrete block wall between profiles 1 Day; BM F02 Build a concrete wall with right angle return between profiles 1 Day; BM F03 Build a corner in block – work 1 Day; BM F04 Build a block wall with wooden door frame and steel window frame 3 Days; BM F05 Build a cavity concrete block wall with wooden window frame, pre-cast lintel and tile sill 3 Days;

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