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AUTOCAD is a software program used in Computer Aided Design, CAD draughting and 3D modelling. It offers endless job opportunities and possibilities in today’s highly computerized Engineering Industries. The need for employees with CAD skills have never been greater and opens the doors to many long term careers, more than any other training program. The drawing knowledge that you’ve acquired at high school, i.e. EGD or Technical Drawing at TVET college, i.e. N2 & N3 Eng Drawing combined with AutoCAD makes you employable. You can be employed as a CAD Operator in a Drawing Office. So, do AutoCAD and become employable immediately!!!


The course is based on SAQA Unit Standard 14473: Develop and produce Computer Aided Drawings. The full course covers 2D comprehensively, thus enabling a prospective student to draw any drawing in 2D to line stage and produce a hard copy. An introduction to 3D is also covered in the syllabus. (Refer to curriculum below)

Contact: MC Johnstone Tel: 021 951 2231 ext.3110 Cell: 083 771 6135 e-mail: [email protected]

Career Opportunities

The skills acquired in this course will enable the individual to become a CAD Operator or Technical Illustrator in a Drawing Office environment. Enhance his/her chances for advancement/promotion in the workplace. Serve as a platform for further study in the Draughting field. Complement/enhance existing draughting skills

Admission Requirements

Grade 10 with a Technical or Engineering Drawing Background

Exit Levels

End of course

2D Drawings:

Intro to AutoCAD interface; How to access & Use commands; Co-ordinates & Basic drafting tools; Creating 2D Geometry; Editing in 2D Geometry; Managing object properties; CAD Construction Techniques; Creating Text & Use of Tables; Intro to Blocks; Dimensioning & Crosshatching; Page Setup & Plotting in both Model & Paper Space

3D Drawings:

reating Solids in 3D; Creating an extruded solid; Creating a revolved solid;Combining solids; Subtract,  Union & intersect solids; Extruding along a path; 3D Arra; yExtruding faces; Loft in 3D; Fillet & chamfering in 3D

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