Chinese Delegation visits Northlink College

The five Chinese Delegates with the WCED and Northlink College Delegation.

Northlink College played host to a Chinese delegation that visited the College as part of a fact-finding mission to find out what Northlink College offers and how they fit in the WCED structure and to see what courses they can, possibly, start offering in China.

The group of five delegates from the Chinese Education Department met with Charl Coetzee, Norhtlink College DCEO: Education and Training, Danita Welgemoed: Chief Education Specialist (WCED), Zozo Siyengo: Chief Director: FET Colleges Western Cape (WCED), Annemarie Koeleman (Northlink College Tygerberg Campus Manager), Heloise Lotz (Northlink College Tygerberg Campus Academic Head), Willem Rall Northlink College International Liaison Officer and Paddy Attwell Director of Communication (WCED).

“We are honoured to have hosted these gentlemen and trust that what they have experienced and learnt during their visit will benefit their education system in China,” says Heloise Lotz.

The discussion also showcased how the College functions in collaboration with the WCED in order to help achieve the national Department of Education and Training’s mandate that has been given to the FET Colleges. They also discussed the differences in the Chinese and South African educational systems and how both can be strengthened through a possible partnership.

“We look forward to see what the future holds after this visit and know that if this would become a formal collaboration or partnership, both parties will benefit from it,” adds Lotz.

Northlink College has, during the past ten years, built many international relationships and is looking forward to seeing what the final outcome of this visit will be

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