An ECD Simulation Room for Northlink College Officially opened

IMG_7898_2Northlink College’s ECD learnership and Educare courses has been given a very big training boost with the opening and unveiling of a brand new ECD simulation room and facility at the Goodwood Campus. It was officially opened on 24 April 2014.

The more than 300 students gathered in excitement and anticipation for this auspicious occasion. The College was also privileged to host Ms Sandra Fortuin, Chief Education Specialist: IMG Planning ECD (Grade R) WCED as part of the opening of the centre.
Says Neil Maggott: Northlink College Acting Principal: “We as Northlink College hope that this room, also known as “Little Link”, will be a big link for your future and your training of the youth at the College.”

The simulation room, where the funding was made available by WCED, was opened with a ceremonious ribbon cutting and proceedings concluded with two songs that the group of 300 students sang in celebration of what has been made available for their studies and training. The simulation room is not only for the ECD learnership but the Educare students will also be able to utilise the room for practical/simulated exposure.

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