45 YEAR OLD NORTHLINK STUDENT – A true inspiration

Agnesia Willemse

Agnesia Willemse is a forty five year old, yes…45 year old, female student, registered for the National Certificate (Vocational), NC(V), Office Administration programme at the Parow Campus of Northlink College. She is currently in the level 4 group and she is making good progress academically and all others spheres of College life as she is the chairperson of the PAROW Campus Student Representative Council (SRC) fo 2012 and the Secretary of the SRC Executive Committee.
Agnesia worked as a cleaner for Prestige at the Parow Campus, but decided to exchange the mop for a pen and to embark on her new journey (Office Administration). She has excelled in her course being one of the top 10 students in her second year (level 3).
Says Agnesia: “I chose to study at Northlink College as I knew that I will receive the proper training, encouragement and support from the Northlink staff that will allow me to reach my dreams. It was a struggle at first as my peers where more advanced regarding technology and schooling skills, but I continued to strive towards excellence seeking extra assistance from dedicated staff members and student support services.”
She adds that the student support staff not only supported her academically but emotionally too which she is very grateful for.
Agnesia has been such an inspiration and example for other cleaning staff members that two other cleaners have decided to follow their dreams of furthering their education and training and achieving their NC(V)level 4.
She is always encouraging her fellow peers to persevere when things get tough as she uses her testimony of being a cleaner for over 30 years before she took the bold step of becoming a student again.
“Support from the Northlink College staff in the form of consultation by the Psychologist and the Academic Support Facilitator that focused on addressing my educational and personal needs, played a pivotal role in my journey thus far,” she adds.
Agnesia has excelled beyond her expectations and is still working hard at achieving her dreams. She is a true inspiration for young and old to never give up on your dreams!

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