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How to Apply

Prospective Students wishing to apply to study at the College will need to follow these instructions to ensure the least amount of disruption or frustration during the application procedure.
International Students (any student who is not a holder of a South African Passport) you will need to click here for your application procedure.
The steps to follow to apply, are as follows:

Step 1: Select the Course

Select the course you wish to study from the list of courses offered by the College. Click here for the complete list of courses available. Students wanting to study on a Part-time basis can download the Part-Time Brochure

Step 2: Course Fees and Payment Policy

Once you have decided on the course you are going to study you will need to get a quote on the fees, as well as read through the Payment Policy with regards to all fees. Click Here to view class fees and to read the Payment Policy.

Step 3: Download the Application Form

Click Here to download the Application Form.

Step 4: Complete the Application Form

You are to complete the application in clear, easy to read BLOCK LETTERS. Remember to clearly indicate the course that you are enrolling for and the year of study.

Step 5: Obtain all documentation

Along with your application, you also need to submit a certified copy of your Identity Document, as well as a certified copy of the last school leaving report or certificate.

Step 6: Send Application Form

Your completed Application Form, along with your ID Document and Certificates, can be sent to the College either via Fax, E-Mail, Post or hand delivery.

  • To Fax your application form, send it to 0860 2 STUDY (78839)
  • To e-mail your application form, send it to apply@northlink.co.za
  • To post your application form, post it to:
    Private Bag X1
  • You can hand deliver your application to the campus on which the course you applied is being offered or to our Central Office.


Step 7: Waiting for a response

Once you have submitted your application form, please allow for a sufficient amount of time for the application to be processed before enquiring on the status of your application.
Once your application has been received by the College you will be notified via SMS that we have received your application to study.
Should you not receive a response within 2 - 4 weeks of submitting your application, please enquire at info@northlink.co.za or call 08600 NLINK (65465) to find out about the status of your application.

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